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Microsoft's 'Page Hunt' Online Game Helps Improve Bing

Illustration for article titled Microsofts Page Hunt Online Game Helps Improve Bing

How good of a web surfer are you? Put your skills to the test with Microsoft's Page Hunt online game. Besides a nerdy sort of satisfaction, your queries will help improve the Bing search engine.

The game, named Page Hunt, presents users with a random Web page and then asks them to input the search terms that will put that page within a search engine's top five search results. Depending on how close to the top of the rankings their queries put the Web page, players are awarded points. In order to sweeten the experience, the game adds animations, a top-score list, bonus points and other "gamelike" features.


It's a good idea, and the game couldn't be more simple. Is it fun? Well, that depends on how bored you are at work right now. At any rate, if you have been using Bing and you want to help to fine tune their algorithm, Page Hunt can help you kill a few minutes. [Page Hunt via eWeek via PCMag]

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The moment I saw "install silverlight" I closed the window.