Microsoft's Ray Ozzie: "Apps Don’t Make Your Phone Special"

Microsoft's chief software architect Ray Ozzie was discussing smartphones at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference earlier. Apparently, we just don't get what is and what isn't important in the smartphone battle, because according to him, apps don't really matter.

We're focusing too much on the number or type of apps available on the different platforms, according to Ozzie:

All the apps that count will be ported to every one of them. It's a completely different situation from the PC market, where software's built to run on a Windows or a Mac. Mobile apps require very little development, so it's much easier to bring them onto every platform.


Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie. You're just jealous that the Windows Mobile Market doesn't have enough fart apps, aren't you? Or did you watch that App Lab video one too many times? [Venture Beat via Brian X. Chen]

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