Microsoft wants all of its Windows XP users to know exactly how much time they've got before XP is taken out to the back shed and mercy-killed with a shot to the nape. Which is why the "Windows XP End of Support Countdown Gadget," available now from Microsoft, would be so, so handy—if it were compatible with XP devices.

As i-Programmer points out, the Countdown is a desktop widget, which means it's only compatible with Vista and Windows 7. Meaning the only people who can enjoy the constant reminder of XP's impending doom are those who have already shucked it.


It's still probably worth a download though; I'd imagine the feeling of watching that clock tick down day by day for the next three years would be like rocketing farther and farther away from an exploding star. Or, uh, maybe it's just a dumb blue widget. [i-Programmer]

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