A small company in Vermont called Microstrain has developed a wireless sensor system that can monitor strain and fatigue in various hardware components, such as large trucks all the way down to welding joints, accurate to millionths of a meter.

This is like a nervous system ... By predicting when welds may fail based upon actual severity of usage, our customers are able to streamline the maintenance requirements for each machine."


Recently, new developments have allowed the technology to be implanted in humans for wireless monitoring of even more important components—our joints.

Microstrain transmitters have been implemented in four patients and have been recording the torment the human body endears daily. Using this data, orthopedic implants can evolve into closer replicas and replacements.

Sadly, if these sensors were hooked up to me, it'd say that my brittle knees are already running on their last legs... (har har)


Microstrain [via NewSciTech]