Microvision Pico-Projector Game Controller Hitting Walls Later This Year

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The Microvision pico-projector video game gun controller we profiled last month might actually see the light of day—and soon. Who's ready for some murky, awkward angle FPS fun?


I mean, I kid Microvision about the fact that you'd need a cylindrical room with nothing on the walls and no light to use this controller properly, really, but nevertheless—my angst aside—there seems to be enough demand in place that their CEO is going to market this thing sooner rather than later.

CEO Alexander Tokman said manufacturer samples are slated to be sent out later this year, with cellphone, video game and other markets creating real, live products sometime in 2011. Because random, screaming kids playing Gears of War 2 on the side of the subway during the morning rush would be totally cool with me... [Projector Info]