The Sony hack is now more confusing that ever. The FBI says that North Korea is involved, yet the country denies involvement and is asking for a joint investigation into the matter. The whole situation has devolved into a game of "he said/she said," and there's only one person who can help set it all straight—Dr. Evil, of course.

For the SNL cold open last night, Mike Myers reprised Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers trilogy to show North Korea and Sony what true evil is all about. Myers describes NK's attack on Sony, (and a James Franco comedy nonetheless) as similar to two bald men fighting over a comb—who cares. He also takes a few predictable jabs at the Guardians of Peace (GOP) name and even makes fun of himself by mentioning the Love Guru, which admittedly, was a pretty terrible movie.


Dr. Evil's take on the Sony hack isn't the most illuminating or witty piece of comedy we've seen on the subject, but it was great to see Myers return to SNL and reprise a much-loved role. These Sony hacks have mostly been a steaming pile of suck, but at least we got to see Dr. Evil again.

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