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Million Dollar Olympic Bicycle So Specialized "No Ordinary Person Could Ride It"

Illustration for article titled Million Dollar Olympic Bicycle So Specialized No Ordinary Person Could Ride It

Cycle maker Koga Miyata is hoping that the new million dollar bike he designed for Dutch cyclist Theo Bos will give him the edge in the upcoming Beijing Olympics. According to reports, it has the lowest air resistance of any bike in the world, but it has no brakes and only one speed. That, combined with a super stiff frame makes it one of the most "difficult bikes to ride." So, it is a superfast bike that is damn near impossible to use. Sounds like a sure-fire bet for gold, if you ask me.


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I've ridden track bikes on the street before (because I'm a dumbass), and let me tell you, they are a BITCH to get used to, especially if you've been spoiled by years and years of being able to stop pedaling and cruise on downhills. You also need to be way more careful when judging distance, because stopping short can have you skidding along can make you fishtail like mad, and get your ass taken by a car as it passes you by.

A friend of mine rides his on the steeper streets of San Fran, because, like me, he's a dumbass.