Illustration for article titled Mindflex Duel: The Mind Controlled Game Goes Head to Head

The original Mindflex was like playing basketball, but for your brain. Seriously, it read your brainwaves to move the ball. This new Mindflex Duel uses the same idea, but now you get to go head-to-head (or brain-to-brain) against a friend.


The whole game works by strapping a headset that scans your brainwaves (with sensors on the forehead and earlobes) to invoke action. Ideally, when you think hard enough, the foam ball will begin to move through an obstacle course. The goal is to get your ball onto your opponent's side first, so think hard! It's like using the Force, but real.


There's also a co-op mode but who would play that? It's all about proving who has the biggest brain in the building. The game runs $99 and comes out in August 2011.[Amazon via ChipChick]

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