Mini-Woks Bastardize Culture with Unrelenting, Unapologetic Cuteness

Illustration for article titled Mini-Woks Bastardize Culture with Unrelenting, Unapologetic Cuteness

Sliders have been popular for a while, and people have been doing the fondue forever. What's the next big thing? Mini-woks. You heard it here first, foodie hipsters.


I mean, what could be more logical? Take a cooking tool that's fundamentally designed to have a large surface area for fast cooking and easy food flipping, then shrink it to unusably lilliputian proportions.

In all fairness, this $90, 6-piece mini-wok set is adorable. But if you buy it, you officially throw too many cutesy parties (because even one is one too many). Instead, save the money, dig a hole in your living room and throw a proper pig roast. Or just buy a hot pot that all of your friends can share (whatever works best for your particular value set and architectural budget). [Pro Idee via Random Good Stuff]



For my birthday my wife got me an Emeril Hard Anodized Stainless Wok with stainless steel lid.

Now that I have this wonderful wok (which I recommend to anyone who likes to stir fry) I laugh at these little toy woks.

Cutsy fun at the sacrifice of superior food is not fun. It's a crime.