Misfit and Speedo's Swim-Tracker Gains Some Useful Smartwatch Functionality

Originally designed as just a dedicated fitness tracker, Misfit’s coin-sized Shine gained some useful smartwatch-inspired features when the second version was introduced. And now its swim-friendly cousin, the Speedo Shine, is getting those same useful upgrades with the new Speedo Shine 2.


Available now for $120, the thinner Speedo Shine 2 takes advantage of its new multicolor LEDs and vibration motor to introduce a countdown swim timer with vibrating alerts when your laps are done, text and call notifications when connected over Bluetooth to a smartphone, and the ability to use the device as a basic wireless remote for music or your phone’s camera.

The Speedo Shine 2 still incorporates the same swim stroke and lap tracking technology developed by Misfit and Speedo for their first collaboration, but the company is finally adding that functionality—as a paid upgrade—to the standard Shine and its other waterproof fitness trackers. Through the Misfit app, users will be able to upgrade the Ray and (regular) Shine 2 with swim tracking capabilities for just $10. So instead of buying the Speedo Shine 2, you can just buy the Shine 2 for $100, upgrade it for $10 via the app, and save yourself a sweet $10.


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