MIT's Bidirectional Display Lets You Control Objects With a Wave of Your Hand

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Forget multitouch; it's for grandmas and Luddites. The MIT Media Lab's new bi-directional (BIDI) display that reads your gestures with embedded optical sensors? That's how we roll now.

The technology might seem similar to Project Natal, since it gives you control over objects on a display based on your movements. It differs, though, in that the optical sensors are actually tracking what you're doing through the LCD, which alternates between the image you see on the screen and a pattern of black and white squares that allow light through, providing BIDI information about what's physically happening in front of it. It's the first display that's able to look at you at the same time you look at it, which means the whole system could also be turned into a high-resolution camera.

Also: bonus points to MIT for demoing a technology that gives you Jedi powers over a display using a TIE fighter. [MIT via Engadget]