Mitsubishi's Laser TV stunned us back at CES (though the booze-filled nightclub filled with half-naked dancing girls might have skewed our, um, vision). Apparently, it's gotten even better, like better than the best TV on earth better. HD Guru says that the LaserVue set popped colors that were "the most vivid of any display device I had ever seen" besting a Pioneer Kuro and Sharp LCD in a side-by-side, while consuming only half the power of an LCD set.


The foggy "sometime this year" release date has narrowed to Q3, so sometime late summer, though that's about all Mitsubishi is spilling aside from the fact the line's official name is LaserVue. Price and exact D-Day are coming in June, giving you a couple of months to scrounge some pennies together in anticipation. We're already drooling to do our own best TV ever side-by-side with this thing, 'cause whoever loses, we win. [HD Guru]