MixBit: A New Vine-Like Video Sharing App by YouTube's Co-Founders

Illustration for article titled MixBit: A New Vine-Like Video Sharing App by YouTube's Co-Founders

You might think Vine and Instagram have captured the market with social video, but now the pros are getting involved: Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, the co-founders of YouTube, have just launched a new video app called MixBit, and you can get it now.


The new app lets you record and upload up to 16 seconds of video, which you can edit in-app. But then comes the cool bit: you can string together up to 256 clips—both yours and video belonging to others—into an hour-long video. Cleverly, the video isn't all lumped together, but streamed seamlessly as separate chunks from the be MixBit servers.

Your finished product can then be shared on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever. But while the content sits on the MixBit servers it's anonymous: each submission is unnamed, and there's no commenting system either. Which might be a good thing, depending on what you're filming.

There's currently only an iOS app available, but MixBit will land on Android soon—it should arrive in just a couple of weeks. [iTunes via Bits]


Darryn Pittman

These guys havent really been successful after YouTube. Now I wish them the best I really do but I feel they're a day late and a dollar short so to speak.