Miyamoto: Next Gen Wii Could be Smaller, Cheaper

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A few Wii 2 rumors are floating around: it might have HD and a new controller, and could arrive next year. Now in an interview with Popular Mechanics, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto says it may also be more compact and cost-efficient.

"While we don't have any concrete plans for what we'll be doing with hardware in the future, what I can say is that, my guess is that because we found this interface to be so interesting, I think it would be likely that we would try to make that same functionality perhaps more compact and perhaps even more cost-efficient."


And as for things like DVD playback without a homebrew hack? A glimmer of hope, though nothing definitive:

I think originally video-game systems were viewed as a toy, and they were something you played with…As time goes on, I think we're going to see how the system of the video-game console and this interactive interface is going to gradually bleed in to other elements of, say, home electronics and daily life.

Check out the full interview at: [Popular Mechanics via TechRadar]

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kernel panic

if they throw a blu ray into the next nintendo, it won't have the competitive price point unless they cut corners somewhere else #nextgenwiicouldbesmallercheape...