Mmmm, Beer: Watch 12,400 Gallons of Barleywine Wort Ferment, Get Wild

What you are about to watch is beer getting weird. Before California-based brewery Sierra Nevada bottles Bigfoot, its classic barleywine-style ale, the wort goes through a six-day fermentation process that sees a whopping 24,000 gallons of liquid appear to bake like bread, roil like a contaminated foam party in Ibiza, and overflow like a sentient creature from a 1950s horror film.

The action takes place in four traditional open fermenters with an assist from 1,216 pounds of whole-cone hops and 1,000 pounds of pure brewer's yeast. Watching the whole thing is fascinating and terrifying at the same time, and I'm almost tempted to give it a taste at its most freaky state. Thank god it's happy hour! [Digg Video]



Do things that get you drunk or high have to be a part of every single damned website?...I guess so. Every investment blog seems to be about pot stocks, every activist site about legalization, every gadget site has to cover beer and pot...I don't care what people do. I'm just so tired of hearing about it.

It's not your fault. I didn't have to click on this and I know why you wrote it even though is has almost nothing to do with gadgets. Getting inebriated has an almost universal appeal. There is nothing inherently wrong with that...It just makes me sad.

This is the wrong way to look at this but I look at those gallons and wonder how many mistakes it will cause, fights it will start, women will be harassed, kids will be beat, livers will be destroyed, car accidents will be caused, lives it will ruin, ect. Unlike a car or coal or most other things that injure people which have productive uses. This is a blight that we celebrate not for any real reason other than "I like how it makes me feels until the next morning".

Again there is nothing inherently wrong with liking the alcohol or any other drug if you don't do any of those things and you are in a position to be rationally okay with what it does to you. I just wish altered states were not so important that they need to infect every single aspect of life.

I'm sorry for ranting this is not the time or the place...enjoy your drink