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I don't know about you, but until my cellphone comes with a 5-megapixel camera, printing mobile photos isn't on the top of my list. But it seems that some people don't understand that their 1.2 megapixel cameraphone (or worse, VGA) takes crap images, and a new study shows that 44.6 percent of cameraphone owners want their drunken photos printed out. Hey, who am I to stop stupidity? And who is Fuji and Cingular to not take advantage of these people's whims? The two companies have partnered to announce the Fujifilm Get The Picture Mobile service. That's right, just take that picture (always best in the dark with no flash too), push a few buttons on your Cingular mobile phone and presto, you'll get your photos mailed right to you. Let us know how that works for you ok? And all this for just an extra $2.99 a month on your already bloated Cingular bill. And if you're really into it, you can get a Cingular Mobile Postcard personalized and printed for $1.99 each plus postage. And hey, if you have a few extra dollars after all this, I have a bridge in Manhattan...

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