Mobile Secretary Does Everything a Real-Life Secretary Does — Except That

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Developed by Chinese company InterGrafx, Mobile Secretary was unveiled yesterday at Nokia World. Basically a 3D avatar that handles SMS and incoming calls on your mobile phone, Mobile Secretary comes in various shapes and forms (plump maternal, foxy blonde Svetlana, cool-headed brunette—wonder if there are any male ones?) You can even create your own avatar using a photo, something InterGrafx refers to as a "personalized dream baby." So what else can it—sorry, she—do?

Apparently Mobile Secretary can spell things—shame InterGrafx didn't let her loose on their website, as she might have put the e in scretary—as well as say good morning and good night to you each time you turn it on (GYAC, so can I) and you can train her up to be even more intelligent than she actually is. What she won't do is, apparently a little more complex. No rushing to hang up your coat, make your tea, or sympathize with you when you say your wife doesn't understand you anymore. And I don't think you'll get any under-desk blowjobs, either. [InterGrafx via Tech Digest via Boy Genius Report]