MobileLime Mobile Payment Service

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It begins. MobileLime is a cellphone-based payment service that allows you to pay for taxi rides, ice cream, and whatever via SMS. At a store, for example, you call a toll free number, pre-approve the charge, and then type in a PIN. The same happens in a restaurant or wherever: you get a merchant ID number, make the call, type in your PIN, and you're on your way. Not exactly RFID-tastic, but I guess we have to start somewhere.

The service is now only available in Boston but it should roll-out nationwide this year.

Product Page [MobileLime]

UPDATE - The payment procedure after the jump. Not too complex.

1) Simply add 1-866-360-LIME (5463) to your speed dial on your cell phone. 2) When you shopping at a MobileLime merchant, at any point prior to checking out, call this same number. 3) When prompted, enter the merchant's location ID this will be displayed throughout merchant establishments; and lastly enter your PIN #. 4) When you are ready to pay, simply give the last four digits of your cell phone number to the cashier. He/she will give you the paper receipt. (You will also receive email receipts and may also receive an SMS receipt)