Modern Conveniences Make This Retro Flashlight New Again

Whether you're mining for gold deep in the heart of Alaska, or trying to find your way downstairs to replace a blown fuse, this retro-styled lantern from Barebones will light the way without needing a single drop of kerosene. Because instead of a flame, it uses a three Cree LED bulbs powered by a rechargeable battery.

On its lowest setting the $80 Canyon Lantern will for an impressive 80 hours after a two or three hour charge, but at its maximum brightness of 200 lumens you'll probably only get about three hours of illumination. It can be used as a handheld flashlight, with a form factor that makes it perfect for exploring haunted houses, or you can extend the fresnel lens for more ambient lighting to fill a tent. And in a pinch, a built-in USB port lets you leech of the lantern's battery to keep your smartphone alive. [Barebones via Uncrate]


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