There's no special tech inside this power strip concept that could prevent it from coming to market tomorrow. Instead, simple, clever design makes an everyday product even better. Let me explain.

The Multi-Tab strip, by designer Soon Mo Kang, does three things that most power strips don't:

1. Modular construction means you can expand it at will
2. Each plug accommodates a sticker label so you know what it's powering
3. Components can be turned on/off individually, as marked with an LED


Now, whether or not the tabs would make for the best way to toggle power behind my home theater system (where cords are piled high, easily weighing down on exposed controls), is a tad uncertain. But everything else about this design is superior to what I'm using at the moment.

You know the drill, manufacturers. License the design or rip it off—just do something that we didn't in 1993. [Yanko Design via DVICE]