MOGA's Pro Controller Gets a Serious Grip on Android Gaming

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Android is turning into more and more of a platform for serious gamers, what with NVIDIA's upcoming Android console, the Ouya, and all that jazz. But for real games, you need a real controller, and while MOGA's first gaming system and controller was a winner, its new Pro controller looks like it can hang with its console kin.


The new MOGA Pro boasts all the improvements you'd want in a real controller for real gaming. Instead of its predecessor's inset disc-like analog sticks, the Pro has serious, protruding sticks as well as adding a D-pad and triggers. It also has some ridiculous grips in case you're playing on top of a speeding car or something. It also improves on one of our complaints by upgrading to a rechargable battery, so you can hook it up to USB instead of feeding it endless AAAs.


There's no word if the new controller will come alongside an update for the MOGA software, which has been a bit of a letdown up until now. That said, the hardware looks like a definite improvement, third party console controller quality at worst. It'll be coming out this spring, for an as yet undetermined price. We can't wait to get our hands on it.

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I picked up one of the small moga controllers when they had their blowout (free + $5 shipping) back in December. Pretty cool little device. Not perfect by any means, but the controls are surprisingly fluid from a hardware standpoint. The bluetooth is a bit sketchy sometimes though. When it's in synch it's perfect, but sometimes I just gets out of whack and the lag is huge. So, still some kinks to workout, but a very cool design and a great idea.