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If scientists have their way, the condoms will be worn by the ladies of the future, because they've develop a vaginal "molecular condom" whose molecules have the unique ability to morph from fluid to semi-solid as soon as they're inserted into that glorious love hole.

The substance coats the walls of the vagina when it's warmed to body temperature, and when it comes in contact with the increased alkalinity of semen, it becomes a gel and releases anti-HIV drugs. That's some versatile stuff; it can readily change states like water but needs an even narrower temperature range to do so.


It'll be a while before we see this technology in action, where scientists are saying it's five years away from the testing phase and then it'll be 10 years from now before it finds its way into the bedroom, or the back seat.

Vagina's Molecular Armor [medGadget]


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