Windows Media Center is starting to gain momentum and jumping onto the bandwagon is Moneual Lab with their media centric, I*magine PC.

The cylindrical, stupidly named, ridiculously shaped, WMC PC sports an Intel Core2Duo processor, Vista Premium, HDMI port, 802.11 a/b/g, Bluetooth, 7" touchscreen and the option to include Moneual's very own multimedia interface. Set for a release date sometime within Q4, the device shall set you back a cool $4999. Although Moneual are known for their eccentric designs, we are not too sure that having the privilege to set your WMC PC horizontally, or vertically, is really worth $5K. Also, it looks about as fat, round and unappealing as Kelly Osborne when she is feeling bloated. You like that don't you? You dirty dog. [Cepro].


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