Monsoon HAVA Reviewed: Not a Slingbox Killer

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Monsoon's HAVA video streamer managed to create a nice buzz when it was first announced at CES, thanks in part to its built-in wireless and ability to support muticasting (two features its main competitor, Slingbox, doesn't support). But now that the device is shipping and the smoke has cleared, it seems Slingbox has nothing to worry about. The folks at CNET have given the HAVA a complete run through and decided it's simply not as polished as its competitor. Its design, for one, gives "Scientific Atlanta cable boxes a run for its money on the ugly scale." Performance-wise it gave them no trouble streaming content (whether wired or wirelessly), but in the end its performance couldn't top the Slingbox, though it's a better choice than the Sony alternative.


Monsoon HAVA HD [via CNET]

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