The Monster Central Control System AVL300 may look like a Phaser, but the only person you're going to kill is yourself. Why? Because if you can control everything in your house from your couch, you'll never get up again.

Setting the remote up is easy, using their walkthrough which lets you name rooms, devise "scenarios", and come up with stuff you want to control. There's web connectivity as well, allowing you to update the software and the remote.


Not only is the AVL300 a breeze to set up, the IlluminEssence Lighting Modules worked from corner to corner of a 2,500 sqft house using RF to control all lighting throughout. Controlling the entertainment system using IR worked flawlessly as well, with 19 out of 20 tries being successful (the last was blamed on user error).

It's a bit pricey—$549 on Amazon—but if you're into home automation then the AVL300 is a good way to go.

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