Monster Cable Sues Monster Mini Golf For, You Guessed It, Name Confusion

If people ever decide to wake up and stop paying the huge markups for Monster Cable for technology that's not even here yet, Monster can go into another business: selling balls. They've sure got an excess, seeing as they're following up a suit against another cable company because the connectors are too similar with a suit against a MINI GOLF COMPANY because their NAMES ARE TOO SIMILAR.


This time it's Monster Mini Golf, an actual mom-and-pop operation that was started four years ago by a woman and her husband. The chain has been successful enough to spread to 22 locations. MSNBC says that the "owner" of Monster Cable, which is Noel Lee (their "Chief Monster") says the public will be confused by the similarity of the names. Last time we checked, the public wasn't quite as confused as the people at Monster Cable who decided to sue. [MSNBC]

Oh look, it's a list of things Monster Cable has yet to sue!

Apparently, Monster Cable's Noel Lee issued a response to some negative publicity they got back in April (around the time Monster issued Blue Jeans Cable with a C&D). Noel says they didn't actually sue ballparks or other random places because their names were too similar, they just file objections to trademarks with the USPTO. Noel blames federal trademark law saying that they're required to "police [their] marks or [they] will lose them," and that they "didn't make these rules." [Audioholics]



It's a fair lawsuit - Monster Mini-Golf is also well-known for their questionable practices of selling a $10 mini-golf experience at a 1000% markup.