A Monster List of Things Monster Cable Will Soon Sue

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Click to viewOf all the things Monster Cable has sued because their names are too similar, a mini golf company seemed like a line even they wouldn't cross. We were wrong. Looking back at their history, founder Noel Lee & Co. have sued Disney for Monsters, Inc., Bally Gaming for Monster Slots slot machines, the people who make Monster Energy drinks, and the Chicago Bears, because their nickname is "Monsters of the Midway." Why stop here, Monster? We've got a whole list of people and things you should sue because you think your customers are too stupid to know the difference! Among them: Hillary Clinton, a deity, a baseball wall and a cartoon.


The Green Monster, Boston's left field wall at Fenway Park

• The Flying Spaghetti Monster

• Monster Trucks

• A town in the Netherlands

Hillary Clinton

• The Cookie Monster

Giant Monster Movies

• The Monsters of Rock Tour

Monster Sushi, a sushi chain in NY

• The dance The Monster Mash

• Everybody named "Noel Lee"

• Ugly people who look like monsters

• The Loch Ness Monster

• Unreal Tournament for their M-M-M-M-M-Monster kill

• This wikipedia entry for monster

• Charlize Theron for acting in the movie called Monster

• The cartoon show Aaahh!!! Real Monsters

• An arrangement of matter that has maximum disorder

• The Ducati Monster motorcycle

The cataloging app Delicious Library's creator

• Monster Park, the ballpark in SF, even though they're the ones who bought out the name

Monster's Noel Lee responded back in April to then-recent criticism about their perceived litigiousness.


@92BuickLeSabre: "The people you refer to are called lawyers. To be fair, they also make a living by defending people who are sued by other people. "

I say we distinguish the two as lawyers and anti-lawyers.