Monster Theater Video Tour: One Sci-Fi Nerd's $100,000 Nightmarish Fantasy

Who doesn't want their home theater to look like a "spaceship transporting dangerous aliens"? I for one wouldn't mind owning an animatronic alien that pops out of nowhere. "When steam starts blasting from ceiling vents and the alien lurches through the wall, you hear friends scream expletives like 'holy (expletive)'—and then request to borrow a clean pair of underwear," says Dr. David Winn, a self-styled "devout Christian who just happens to enjoy the macabre." In Winn's little sanctum, Locutus of Borg roams free while the most dangerous creatures of them all (no, not MAN—Predator and Creature from the Black Lagoon) are contained safely behind bars. And why yes, that is a "museum-grade" Robbie the Robot. EH has the full story plus photos. [Electronic House]


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halloweenjack, King of the Wild Frontier

I think that I'd want mine to look like a Predator trophy room, with alien weapons and skulls on the walls.