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Monster Vs. Monster: Greatest Evil-Menace Smackdowns Of All Time!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Freddy Krueger's come back as a standalone monster, after Freddy Vs. Jason. And both Aliens and Predators are hoping to repeat this accomplishment soon. Nevertheless, there's something intrinsically awesome about two uber-menaces duking it out. Here are our favorite showdowns.

Freddy Vs. Jason.
When did it happen? In Freddy Vs. Jason (2003).
Why did they fight? Ummm... Freddy is trapped in Hell, so he disguises himself as Jason's mother. It all just spirals from there.
Who won? Jason. I think. Although it's left a bit open-ended in case you demanded a sequel.

King Kong Vs. Godzilla
When did it happen? King Kong Vs. Godzilla (1962)
Why did they fight? Godzilla has fought a billion monsters by this point — but this is the main time that he went up against a major iconic monster, who had his own separate series of films. Basically, a pharmaceutical company captures King Kong and brings him to Japan, where he falls to blows with Godzilla.
Who won? King Kong remains the King, baby!

Aliens Vs. Predator
When did it happen? Two movies: AVP: Alien Vs. Predator, and Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem
Why did they fight? There was an Antarctic pyramid where the Predators wanted to do a hunt, and some humans got infected by alien eggs, and the Predators had to team up with the humans to hunt the deadly Aliens. And then later, the meeting of the Aliens and Predators resulted in a hybrid Predalien, which was like a Turducken only deadlier — and the Predators had to intervene.
Who won? Predators! Hands down. Although in the second movie, it was just pretty much a dead loss.

Daleks Vs. Cybermen
When did it happen? Doctor Who, "Doomsday"
Why did they fight? The Cybermen wanted to team up. But the Daleks had nothing but contempt for the alt-universe cyborg dudes.
Who won? The Daleks pretty much pwned the Cybermen, with great smack talk like, "You are superior in only one respect. You are better at dying!"

Dracula Vs. Frankenstein.
When did it happen? Dracula Vs. Frankenstein, 1971.
Why did they fight? Umm... Apparently the movie is a bit of a mess. But in a nutshell, Dracula digs up Frankenstein's monster, and then convinces Dr. Frankenstein's descendant to revive the monster so that he can build an army of the undead. But then the monster and Dracula have a falling out.
Who won? See for yourself — the climactic battle is above. I think it's a draw.

Frankenstein Vs. The Wolf Man!
When did it happen? Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man (1943).
Why did they fight? The Wolf Man is revived by grave robbers and decides to seek Dr. Frankenstein's research notes, to find a final cure for his condition. But after he revives Frankenstein's monster to help with his research, it all goes south. You can watch the entire film on Youtube (above).
Who won? They both die in the end, in a terrible flood.


Galactus vs. Thanos, Tenebrous and Aegis.
When did it happen? Annihilation #1, Marvel Comics.
Why did they fight? Tenebrous and Aegis were old gods that Galactus had imprisoned when the universe was young — and when the Annihilation Wave hit, their prison was broken. So Thanos teamed up with Tenebrous and Aegis to capture Galactus to discover the secrets of the Power Cosmic.
Who won? The great Galactus... was tamed!!


Frankenstein Vs. The Incredible Hulk
When did it happen? Monster Size Hulk #1, Marvel Comics.
Why did they fight? Bruce Banner meets Victor Frankenstein on a train, and they bond. But it all goes wrong in the end. A robot Frankenstein also fought the X-men at one point.
Who won? I think it's another draw.

Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus
When did it happen? Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus
Why did they fight? Ummm... I think it was global warming. And then Debbie Gibson had a sex dream about the giant octopus. And then the scientists lured them into fighting. See also Dinocroc Vs. Supergator.
Who won? They destroyed each other. I think. At least that's what happened in Debbie Gibson's sex dream.

Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth.