Shift Moonwalkers Launch

The Moonwalkers are definitely an unorthodox way to get around, and, as you’ve probably guessed, they’re not exactly cheap either. Shift Robotics is attempting to bring them to consumers through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that’s hoping to raise $90,000 for a production run. At the time of writing it’s not quite there yet, but you can pre-order a pair, with delivery expected as early as March of next year, with a $999 ‘Early Bird’ contribution. Full retail pricing for a pair of Moonwalkers is expected to be closer to $1,400.


Even with a team of talented engineers from Carnegie Mellon University behind it, there’s always a risk with backing Kickstarter products, particularly from a company introducing its first consumer device. Delivery and manufacturing delays with crowdfunded products are common these days, as is the risk of the Moonwalkers never coming to fruition, along with the potential for a full refund.