Ok, we're done with Apple for today after this post. We'll cover kitchen timers or something, because I'm all Jobs'ed out. Anyway, expect PowerMac and PowerBook updates soon because Apple is pulling its retail force together for another update on the 15th, which means there may be a smaller announcement later this month or in November.

One of the sources gave us good reason to believe this information is true by pointing out that on Saturday 9 (yes, Saturday), Apple had a meeting related to the October 12th announcements, with staff involved in Apple s retail division. Attendees have also been informed that there is another meeting planed for Saturday the 15th.

The source also explained that a few days before a major product announcement, a certain number of Apple Store staff members usually have a meeting with a briefing on forthcoming products although few details on the new products are given to them.


Internal meeting schedule hints at further product releases [MacOSXRumors]

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