More Treo 800w Details Possibly Leaked

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There's been a slow trickle of details on the upcoming Treo 800w, but this poster on WMExpert's forums seems to know a little more than everyone else about the phone. He says the 800w will look like a Palm Centro with rounded corners and thin body. It will ship with Windows Mobile 6, but be upgradeable to 6.1 when that hits.

In addition, there's a 2-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi hard switch, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, 802.11g Wi-Fi, microSD slot, 256MB memory, EV-DO Rev. A, aGPS (not a real GPS), a 320x320 resolution screen, and front-facing keyboard. The launch date is tentatively April, but this is all based on a guy's posting in a forum, which means it can all be a pack of lies at this point. [WMExperts via TreoNauts]

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I will reserver final judgement until it's out, but it's got everything anyone who used to use a Treo has asked for. I like my HTC, but I would like to be able to dial without having to touch the screen as well as type a message without having to flip it.