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Mossberg Looks at Ubuntu Linux on a Dell (Verdict: Not Quite Ready for Primetime)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We Ubuntu hitting Dell a while ago, but Walt Mossburg's just now getting around to giving them a go—apparently after a barrage of mail from readers, the same thing that prompted Dell to put 'em out. Evaluating it "strictly from the point of view of an average user," he thinks "still too rough around the edges for the vast majority of computer users" despite Ubuntu's rep as Linux for the (more) common man.


While he thinks it's slicker than most Linux distros, downloading codecs, no built-in DVD software, hardware issues (with an iPod and Kodak camera) earn it usability knocks, with an underlying subtext nudging people toward OS X at the end. Since Mossberg is a champion of ease of use above all else, the review's not exactly surprising.

It won't have much (if any) impact in Linux or geek circles, but given his influence it could be a tipping point for people looking to leap from Windows who are tempted by Ubuntu but unsure if they have enough geek juice to run it. What are you thoughts on the review? Fair or an overly harsh judgment? [All Things D]