Most Returned Gadgets Actually Work Fine, Only About 1% Are Broken

According to the consulting firm Accenture, most consumers are idiots and return gadgets not because they're broken, but because they thought they were broken. The overall return rate seems to be hovering around 11% to 20%, with a full 68% of those being returned because they don't "meet customers' expectations for some reason." Another 27% of returns are due to buyer's remorse, which leaves only 5% to malfunctions. Even if you're taking the higher number, that 20% out of all gadgets get returned, 5% out of that would mean only 1% out of all gadget purchases are broken at purchase. Those chances aren't horrible, but they're not spectacular either. [PCWorld via Inquirer]


Shamoononon drives like a farmer

"I swear my laptop is broken, for God sakes, it's running Vista"

He he, I actually returned a few days after buying it because it felt broken (wireless going out, just dumb odd things happening), and then exchanged it for another one. After taking home the second one I thought maybe it was just stupid Vista, which very well could have been, but then the RAM died. I HAVE NO LUCK. Best by wanted to keep it for 5 weeks to 'investigate' my theory on the broken RAM so I took it to Toshiba instead who fixed it by the next day.

PS. BestBuy sucks and the geek squad are morons, I want to return stuff there just to piss them off.