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Most Young Americans Think Premarital Sex is No Big Deal

Illustration for article titled Most Young Americans Think Premarital Sex is No Big Deal

American attitudes about sex continue to change, from one generation to the next. A new study from San Diego State University using data from the General Social Survey, published today in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, shows that Millennials are more likely to think premarital sex is OK than their Boomer or Gen-X parents — even though they often have fewer partners.


Charlotte Alter covers the study over at Time. From the article:

Over the last eight years, acceptance of premarital sex has moved from a minority position to a majority position, with 58% of respondents in 2012 saying they thought there was nothing wrong with sex before marriage (compared to 44% in 2004,) according to a new study of over 33,000 people published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. Over the 35 years before that, acceptance has gradually increased: 28% thought premarital sex was okay in 1972, then 38% in 1978, then 41% in 1982. As acceptance for premarital sex has increased, so has tolerance for homosexuality—in 1973, 11% of people believed gay sex was “not wrong,” but by 2012 that number had quadrupled to 44%.


And this appears to be a generational, rather than gradual, shift. Read more over in Time.

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KuriGohan and Kamehameha

What do mean mean Gen-X parents? My parents are Boomers. My wife’s parents... they might be Gen-X as her mom is only 20 years older, a gap so small that one of her teachers though she was her sister... when my wife was in High School.