MotoGP Live Experience 2013: Full Throttle Racing is Back!

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We might not cover sports all that much on Gizmodo but when we do, we go with the best. This weekend sees the return of MotoGP, the premiere class of motorcycle racing—think of it as the two-wheeled equivalent of F1. The opening race in Qatar also marks the return to Yamaha for seven-time premier champion Valentino Rossi. Oh, and the debut of that hotshot Spanish rookie Marc Márquez.

And with the new season comes an updated app to keep you in the loop through practices, qualifying and Sunday's race. Compared to past editions, the 2013 Live Experience is a heck of a lot cleaner and easier to use. The entire season schedule, all manner of media (videos, images, news stories) and rider profiles for the premier class can all be accessed from the start screen. This is probably one of the most interactive sports app available. Too bad not a lot of Americans follow the sport.


Anyway, the app's most notable features boil down to live timing for any session (free practice, qualifying, race) and real-time rider tracking. Because the bikes are equipped with GPS modules, you can follow along as they zip from one checkpoint to another around the virtual track. Best of all, there's live audio commentary for each session, including on-demand recaps and tracking in case you miss the session.


If you can't make the race yourself or watch it on TV or stream it online, this is about as good as it's going to get. And it's really, quite good. Albeit a little pricey at $22.99 for iOS and $27.02 for Android.