Motorcycle jumps over plane that's flying sideways close to the ground

I don't know who had the hardest job in this video that stacks crazy on top of crazy. On first watch, I'd side with the pilot who's flying an airplane sideways mere feet from the ground. Another look would make me think it's the motorcyclist who has to jump over that plane. Or maybe it's the random guy crouching down in the middle of all this?

Actually, it's probably the lunatics who came up with the idea to film this whole thing.


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More proof, as if any were needed, that there are people who will do anything if enough people watch them do it.

Fun fact: the maneuver the plane is doing is called knife-edge flight. Much of the lift comes from fuselage; it only works with small planes with powerful engines. Doing it that low is scary dangerous; if the wing tip hit the ground the plane would cartwheel, and the pilot would experience critical existence failure.