Motorola CEO Cries, Lashes Out at the Nano

As a youth, I was scared of bees. Now, as an older man, I still get a twinge of fear when I see a big old bumblebee but I'm able to control my bowels now, unlike Ed Zander. In fact, Mr. Zander, CEO Motorola, is venting so much spleen that he says the iPod nano sucks and that the Motorola ROAKRKRKA is the biggest kick-assing-est thing in the world.

"Screw the nano. What the hell does the nano do? Who listens to 1,000 songs?" Zander said. People are going to want devices that do more than just play music, something that can be seen in many other countries with more advanced mobile phone networks and savvy users, he said.

The question, Mr. Zander, is who listens to 100 songs? Also, Mr. Zander, should you really admit—even in jest—that you cried on your first day at Motorola? I don't think weeping was one of the 7 habits and lashing out at products that are better than yours is no way to run a railroad—ahem... Creative... ahem. You got lucky with the RAZR, and we're very proud of you, but like it or not Apple owns the DAP space.

Zander recalls 'tearful' first days at Motorola [InfoWorld via DAPReview]

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