A list of Verizon's End of Life devices has surfaced over at DROIDForums.net. Some of the phones will be missed more than others, but none more than Motorola Droid.

Clearly, Verizon's making way for its two big summer launches—both of which also happen to be called Droid. But regardless of whether Droid X and Droid 2 turn out to be worthy successors, Droid was the phone that put Android on the map for the majority of America. Along with the Nexus One, it demonstrated that Android was a viable platform, and was for a long stretch the best non-Apple smartphone you could buy.


You can still buy Droid for now (and get a second one free). And by all accounts, Droid 2 will be essentially the same phone, with some performance boosts. But it's worth taking a moment and pouring out one for the original. [DROIDForums.net]

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