Motorola Revealing "Media Monster" on Tuesday

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Motorola's not taking falling sales and iMpending competition lying down, as CEO Ed Zander let it be known that next week Motorola's unveiling a phone that's a "media monster" which is able to churn out video at 30 fps. (They have a news conference Tuesday, do the math.) The as-of-yet-unnamed phone is all about video, apparently, which you'll be able to watch from SD cards, though we'll withhold judgment about the "unbelievable quality" of the vids until we see them. Which will be in Europe only, at least initially.

The out-to-slay-the-iPhone drive keeps looking like the best thing to happen to the mobile market in a while, but of course, we'll be more sure next week.


Motorola To Unveil Phone With 30-Frame Per Second Video; Movies On SD Cards [Barron's via Seeking Alpha]
Motorola to introduce phone with 'unbelievable' video [Chicago Tribune]

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Evil, Yes!

Anyway, I would also like an iPhone nano. It's bound to happen. It MUST happen. I'd sure love a small easy to use phone to replace my ericsson. I'm glad I held out for 3 friggin years.