Snap Judgements: Helio Ocean vs. Apple iPhone

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OK, so in the next couple months the two phones I am most excited about - the Helio Ocean and the Apple iPhone - will be coming out. Now, since all we have to go on for both of these things are pictures, specs, and wild, uninformed speculation, it seems like the perfect time to see which phone is ahead in terms of buzz.


Sure, the iPhone seems like the clear winner here, but it's been getting some heavy backlash lately. Six months is a very long time for a product to stay exciting before it comes out, even for the Jesus Phone, and that price tag seems higher and higher the closer we get to actually spending that much on it.

And the Ocean kind of came out of nowhere, delivering a really cool dual-slider design that provides a QWERTY keyboard, as well as features the iPhone is sorely lacking, such as 3G and GPS. Oh, and it's half the price.

Of course the Ocean doesn't have flash memory to store your music, shows, and movies (the Ocean does have a microSD expansion slot as well as 200MB of internal memory. Adam regrets drinking so early in the morning.) it doesn't have a really innovative touchscreen. And, let's face it, the thing is butt-ugly compared with the iPhone. So I think what it comes down to is this: do you want a stylish music player/phone combo, or do you want a hot smartphone? Because it seems to me that if you want a slick phone that'll play music, the iPhone is the clear choice. But if you want a full-featured phone for checking email and surfing the Web and plan to keep a standalone MP3 player in your other pocket, the Ocean is obviously the winner.

Personally, I won't be getting an iPhone until they release a version that has 3G, GPS, and a heck of a lot more space for my music than 8GB. Hell, my 60GB iPod is full now and that's annoying. You want me to cut that down by 52GB? I don't think so. And even if they did that I'll need to play with it to get over the reservations I have about the touchscreen. So my vote is for the Ocean.

So what about you? If you were given the choice to buy one of these two phones, knowing what you know now and having never touched or played with either of them, which would it be? Come on, there's not much time left to get your uninformed, speculative opinions out there before the phones arrive and you'll actually get a chance to play with the devices you have such strong opinions about. Don't blow it.


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Why is it that it is always those same fish pictured on the iPhone? I am worried about the fish, folks. The larger one on the right looks evil, and perhaps is brainwashing people into worshiping Cupertino Idols while the smaller one is hacking into all your systems to plant subliminal messages about future Apple products. I don't like it, folks. Steve is going to take over the world with this phone, and you are all typing about comparison specs and doing polls. I weep for society.