Motorola Z9 Leaked

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Boy Genius Report scored a hands-on with an early prototype of the Motorola Z9 slider, which has ditched the banana styling of the Z8 for a more conservative approach. Here's a rundown on the device:

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- Resembles RAZR 2

- 3G

- AT&T branded including a AT&T browser key

- 2MP camera with MicroSD

- Motorola Synergy OS

- Supports AT&T's Live Video Share

We're digging the pinpoint metal buttons that could be a prototype feature, an innovative design or just a bitch to use. What do you think?


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I don't really like the keypad. Is it touch sensitive or is there tactile feedback? I do however like that there is no "bump" where the speaker would be. i have a MOTO RIZR and it is really annoying when I need to punch in a #, *, or 0. Maybe it's just me but I don't like this Next Gen look for the MOTO phones..