Motorola's Latest Phone Has the First Ever qHD Super AMOLED Screen (Update: It's the Droid RAZR)

Illustration for article titled Motorolas Latest Phone Has the First Ever qHD Super AMOLED Screen (Update: Its the Droid RAZR)

This Is My Next just got a look at Motorola's latest LTE handset, the Motorola Spyder, and it has the unique pedigree of being the first 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED screen. That combination is a promise of crisp, high-res visuals.


Rounding things out is an unnamed 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of memory, and an 8MP rear-camera. It's already pretty similar to the Droid Bionic, but the new screen should help solve that graininess issue. More details are sure to come. [This Is My Next]


Update: One of TIMN's tipsters has learned the name this new phone will go by: the Droid RAZR. They're reviving the RAZR name? I'm suddenly getting mid-aughts flashbacks.

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That's the ugliest phone I've seen in ages. Motorola just needs to gtfo. They make some of the worst looking phones in the world. The Razr was the last decent thing they made, Specs don't matter if my $200 phone doesn't look and feel like a damn $200 phone.

Samsung has design right...but their plastic is meh. HTC has both right on some of their phones, so they're at the top for Android. (There are a few exceptions though). LG...I wouldn't know but if the G2X I used at Target is anything to go off, they're somewhere between Motorola and Samsung.

Anyway...Super AMOLED? So last gen. We need non-Pentile 326 ppi Super AMOLED+ @ 4.3 inches. (Please Apple please do would have the best smart phone display on this planet....and you could buy out all of the supply so no one else would be able to make it....but nope. Steve thinks 4.3 is too big for people's hands).