Mousetrap Coffee Table Uses Its Victims For Fuel

If you are all about the ethical treatment of animals, avert your eyes. This high-tech mousetrap coffee table concept is nasty—real nasty.

First, the unsuspecting mouse enters into a baited opening in the leg of the coffee table. Once inside, an infrared motion sensor detects the mouse and closes the door behind it. Apparently, the mouse will be forced into a compartment housed underneath the center of the table—a compartment that is actually a functioning fuel cell. In other words, the mouse will be "consumed" as fuel for its next victim.


Yeah, nothing better than watching a mouse die a horrible death while you put your feet up to watch Chuck with a bowlful of mac and cheese. Obviously, I wouldn't expect this one at your local Ikea anytime soon.


[Material Beliefs via Apartment Therapy via Gizmodiva]

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