Movado 800 Watch Unveiled

I've never really been much of a watch man, but on occasion I stumble across a watch that gets me all hot and bothered. The Movado 800 has done that. Hell, I'm not even sure about the specifics of the watch, but it looks so beautiful that I don't care. It is available with a steel or rubber band and retails for a solid G. Best of all? Tom Brady has been pimping this thing all over town and everybody loves Tom Brady!


Movado Series 800 Unveiled [Wrist Watch Review]

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Good to see Mr. Biggs still somehow on Gizmodo. :-)

BTW, I agree with weatherman. I'm not into simple/elegance/etc...

I'm into functionality. Ala, Citizen Skyhawk, Sunto watches, or Seiko Sportura.

I cant afford any of those, so right now I got a Pulsar techgear with analog/digital displays.

It has multi city time/dates/countdown alarm/regular alarm/stopwatch/and a slide rule that I dont know how to/dont want to use.

I love it.