In the middle of all this big talk about industry titans joining up with BitTorrent, and Amazon and TiVo and Netflix and Wal-Mart all starting to offer movie downloads, isn't it funny when some maverick interloper suddenly offers even better and more current movies than the big boys are offering? Oh yeah, and also with another key diff: they're free.


Not that we would encourage piracy or anything, but is offering a heckuva lot of links to movies—many of which you saw win Oscars last night—for free viewing, immediately and in all their full-screen glory. Find out more about our experience with the site:

The movies aren't actually offered in HD as they are purported to be, but we were able to get them to play back perfectly. Of course, now that we've mentioned this obviously soon-to-be-slam-dunked-by-the-MPAA service, it will quickly be overwhelmed with traffic and ultimately brought to its knees.

But the site is just providing links to the pirated movies, right? Well, that's illegal, too. Maybe linking to the linker is illegal, too. Uh-oh. You'll have to find on your own. Maybe even glancing at the site is illegal. Is that a knock at the door?


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