MPAA's 'University Toolkit' Taken Down For Violating Copyright

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Oh, this is rich. The MPAA's "University Toolkit," which is essentially spyware the MPAA asked schools to install on their servers to make sure their students weren't pirating License to Wed when they were supposed to be studying, has been taken down for copyright violation. Copyright violation! What a collection of assholes. The Toolkit is based on the GPL-licensed Xubuntu version of Linux. Its public license requires that any program written with its code have its source code released and licensed under the GPL, which the MPAA repeatedly refused to do. So, after repeatedly being ignored by the MPAA, a heroic Ubuntu developer sent a DMCA notice to the MPAAs ISP telling them to take it down. How's it feel, MPAA? How does it feel? [Slashdot via BoingBoing]



HELL YEEEEAH!!! Power to the people! Down with the RIAA and MPAA!

this totally just made my day.