MSI Puts Air Purifier Into Smokin' PR620 Laptop

Illustration for article titled MSI Puts Air Purifier Into Smokin PR620 Laptop

We get it, you're not going to quit. So do everyone else at the library a favor and buy MSI's PR620 laptop with built in "anion" air purifier. According to the unintentionally hilarious post at, the laptop releases 550,000 anions (aka negative ions) from its vent, "more than if you were right next to mountains and beaches." Meanwhile...

The notebook absorbs dust particles in the air to prevent inhaling into human body, eliminating all possible contact to disease. The PR620 also eliminate toxic gases in the air, destroying the "Silent Assisin[sic]".


The "Smoker-Free Quickly" function apparently clears "smog, dust and second cigarette smoke" in some kind of high-powered temporary blast. We're actually not sure if or when this is coming to market, but we'll be sure to let you know when it does. Smell you later! (Fake cough, fake cough, fake cough.) [ via Crave]

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Where can you still smoke inside? If its cleaning garbage out of the air, isnt that garbage now in your laptop? I cant see them supporting this with a long warrantee.