Muji Multi-Functional Clock: Spin It

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The Muji Multi-Functional Clock features a clock, alarm, calendar and thermometer. To switch from one feature to the next, just rotate the unit.

We'd like to see this design in watches because their buttons are always tiny and difficult to press, and simple functions often require the use of two buttons pressed at once. Plus we could then walk around in public, asking people if they have the time. When they check their watch, we'd be all, "Oh...your watch uses buttons, huh? No, that's really nice...for 1985. What? I didn't mumble. That was probably just your subconscious trying to protect you from owning a lame watch from 1985." $10.

Product Page [via coolhunting]

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I've had one for years. Brookstone gave them away for a "discount" at the register for a $50+ purchase two years ago. Brookstone's design was a little nicer though. And not to disappoint, but it still has buttons on the back for setting the time etc. And no accelerometers or anything fancy, just a contact ball inside.