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My Animals For Kids: Quiet Your Toddler and Teach Him New Words

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

For parents, one of the benefits of owning a smartphone or a tablet, is that these devices work like digital pacifiers. Put an iPhone in front of a crying toddler, load up a game, and the tears should dry. My Animals for Kids is a cute new app that will keep a child occupied while beefing up his or her vocabulary.

What does it do?

It helps kids learn the names of various items by asking them to identify 10 different animals based on their shape. You can upgrade for $0.99 to get a total of 33 different beasts on the app.


Why do we like it?

The app is super simple but very cute. After showing the outline of a lion, for example, it will then show a real picture of the big cat, list its name to the side, and repeat it out loud. It also has a few touches that a kid would enjoy like flourishes of sparkles after each answer. With a heavy focus on memory skills, it will help a child learn in a format specifically tailored to recognize tiny fingers. You don't need an internet connection, and it can be played in automatic or manual mode. It's like a free babysitter and a tutor all in one! [Smile Time Club]


My Animals For Kids

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The Best:

Make cool slo-mo videos

The Worst:

60fps only works on iPhone 4S